Department of Computer Science

Safety Information

Safety Personnel

Departmental Safety Coordinator: Phil Jimmieson
Room: Ashton 1.20   Phone: 54236   email:

Deputy Safety Coordinator: Adrian Cavinder
Room: Holt 2.15a   Phone: 54268   email:

Fire Safety

Fire alarms in the Ashton building will be tested weekly, on Wednesday mornings at 9:50. Fire alarms in the Holt building are tested on a Tuesday at 11.00. This will involve sounding the bells for a few seconds.
Bells in the building in which the alarm activation has taken place sound continuously. On the second floor there is a door bewteen the two buildings. When an alarm is in progress in one building, a sign above the door in the other building will light up and a buzzer will sound as a warning that you should not attempt to enter the building in which the alarm is in progress.
Should the bells ring continuously for longer than 10 seconds then you must assume that there is a fire, and evacuate the building.

A Practice emergency evacuation takes place once per year, usually in the autumn term.

Action to be taken on discovering a fire

  1. Raise the alarm at once.
  2. Operate nearest fire alarm by breaking glass.
  3. Dial 2222, and give clear details of the location of the fire i.e. Ashton Building Ashton Street.
  4. Close all windows and doors.
  5. Leave the building.

Action to be taken on hearing the fire alarm

  1. Leave the building as quickly as possible by the nearest safe route. Do not use the lifts. Assemble outside the building at the assembly point in the quadrangle green. Report anything that you have seen in the building that will help the fire brigade to the Head Warden (usually wearing an orange armband or hi-vis jacket) in charge of evacuation.
  2. Stay out of the building until explicitly told that it is safe to re-enter by the Fire Brigade or Head Warden.


All accidents, including "near miss" incidents, must be reported to Phil as soon as possible, and a University Accident/Incident Report Form completed. These are available online via a link on the University Health and Safety site. The actual document is found in the safety intranet (you may be required to log in with your university credentials if you are not on site). The form can be found here. If you do not have access to a computer then paper forms are held in the departmental office.


In the event of an accident requiring medical help, Helen Bradley is trained in the delivery of First Aid. Helen's office is G.07 in the Ashton Building or you can call 54276 from a University telephone, or 0151 795 4276 from a mobile. If she is unavailable you can call security on 2222 from a University telephone, or the emergency services via 999 if the situation is serious or life-threatening. If it is decided that the person needs to go directly to hospital from work, call an ambulance or a taxi; private vehicles should not be used for insurance reasons. The injured person should be accompanied by a colleague if possible.